Why We Coupon

Tonight, I witnessed a fabulous outpouring of generosity. A lady, who belongs to a Facebook group that I am in, passed a small cardboard sign that had been posted in a front yard in our town. It said Need food. Will you help?  After checking, it was discovered that an older couple, approximately in their 70s, one of whom is diabetic, were in desperate need of food.  First, I wonder what they must have been through. Second, how long were they without food before they swallowed their pride and posted that sign?

Immediately, after investigation, this need was posted to our group, and our group went above and beyond. The couple now has food for over a week, and more will be delivered. They have been adopted. I will personally be taking health and beauty items, detergent, and cleaning supplies. If you cant afford food, you cannot afford many other necessities. I have been without a check for almost a month, as they reevaluate my temporary disability, but because I coupon, I am able to help. This is what we do. This is why we coupon. You cannot bless others if you have nothing yourself. Thank you, God, for this gift of knowledge that You have bestowed upon us. May we continue to use it for Your glory.