Who doesn’t like to save money?

Hi! This is Paula, and I want to welcome you to the new PleaseKeepYourMoney.com website. As you can see, we have undergone some major changes and updates thanks to the WH (Wonderful Husband)!

Who doesn’t like to save money?

I know I do, and I look for every opportunity to do so. After all, ANY money saved is a good thing! That is what PleaseKeepYourMoney.com is all about. We show you how to keep your money by finding great deals on every day products that your families use, as well as finding ways to save on on many other things. Although the core focus of this website is how to save money by couponing, we will have many other tips on how you can save on vacations, clothing, entertainment, and much more.  Keep in touch, and check back often for a lot of great info about discounts, deals, and couponing. In the meantime, Please Keep Your Money!

Here is just a small example of how much you can save when you coupon. 

Save money by couponing

Today, 2 Nashville Krogers, 2 cards.
Kraft 1000 Island Dressing $3.49, sale $2.79, 1 Kroger free coupon = Free.
2 French’s ketchup $2.29, sale $1.99, 2 $.50/1 doubled = $.99 each.
10 Power Protein bars (1 missing) $2.69, 10 $1/1 = $1.69 each.
3 Kellogg cereals $3.29, $3.29, $2.50, Clearance $1.69, $1.69, $1.29, 1 $1/3 = $1.22 each.
Campbell’s Why Yes soup $2.99, sale $1.99, Friday Freebie = Free.
15 Campbell’s cream of chicken soup $1.09 each, flash sale $.50 each, 5 $.45/3 doubled = $.20 each.
20 Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup $1.09 each, flash sale $.50 each, 4 $.50/5 doubled = $.30 each.
49 Angel Soft $1.39 each, 49 $.45/1 doubled = $.49 each.
Not shown: Hormel lunch meat $4.29, sale $3.79, 1 Kroger free coupon = Free.
Total Retail: $157.59.
OOP: $55.55.
Total Savings: $102.04 or 65%.