Where Do I Get My Coupons? Part 2

If you have returned to my blog, then you must be seriously considering starting to coupon. You will need to start by getting coupons. Coupons in our area are found in the Sunday Evansville and Louisville papers. These can be found at the Ideals around town. You can find someone who sells just the inserts, or you can purchase whole inserts or clipped coupons online. Typically, it will be posted that they are selling their time and effort, not the coupons to avoid legalities. Some people form coupon trading clubs or trade online. Coupons come in the mail, and from other people when they find out that you coupon. You can print out coupons from www.coupons.com, www.redplum.com, and www.smartsource.com. On these sights,  you are allowed to print each coupon twice. Click those you want and print. Go back in, click and print again.

A few pointers:

1. Once you print a coupon, typically it will go to the bottom of the list, so scroll down.

2. You can print two coupons from EACH computer in your home.

3. Only print those that you will use or you are wasting ink and paper.

4. Coupons normally print 3 to a page, so print in multiples of 3 to save  paper.

5. Print in gray scale if you want save on ink. However, by doing this, you run the risk of being questioned about photocopying coupons.

6. Photocopying coupons is a FELONY! How can they tell? Because each time a coupon is printed, the numbers change. Do not risk a prison sentence over a $.50 coupon.

7.  Never trade, sell, or exchange printed coupons. They are linked with the IP address of your computer. If someone else photocopies them, guess who is in trouble?

Very soon, your house will be covered in coupons!!! lol