Where Do I Get My Coupons? Part 1

Now that you have decided upon your coupon filing system and have set up your coupon book if you will be using one, it is time to start collecting your coupons. Most of you have probably already started this.

I obtain coupons from several different sources, including the paper, the Internet and friends.

Paper:  I normally buy three Sunday papers. Our local paper only contains  coupons for restaurants, but I buy it for the sales ads because some stores will not honor sales ads from other towns. The cost of this paper is insignificant compared to the time and gas I would waste running back and forth through town to obtain these flyers or sales ads. Yes, you can view them online, but when I am looking for the best deals and comparing sales, I prefer to have them in my hand.  I also buy two Louisville Courier Journals because they seem to have the best coupons in our area. I have read that the rule of thumb is to buy one paper per family member. However, if I need extra coupons, I can usually print them or trade.

Internet:  I have spent many hours pouring through websites and researching the best sources for coupons. In order to save you time and energy, I will share some of my favorites. I really like coupons.com, hotcouponworld.com, redplum.com, and coupon-lady.com. Most of these sights will let you print each coupon twice.

Friends:  Once you start couponing, you will attract other couponers, birds of a feather and all that. You will meet many interesting people in stores using binders and envelopes, and you will share that knowing smile. You speak. You share coupons. You make a new friend. You will also notice on Facebook which of your friends are couponers.  Friends share and help each other. We let others know what we need, and what we have to give away or trade. I also have non-couponing friends that bring me coupons, and, in return,  I give them a free item. Win, win situation!

Where do you get your coupons?