Rewards for Shopping Part 2

To expound on my last blog post, Walgreen’s offers both a paper reward and a point system. Points are loaded onto your card. Paper rewards are printed out, and you receive them when you get your receipt. Walgreens allows you to do two transactions. Therefore, any rewards received on your first transaction can be used to pay for your second transaction. You cannot redeem rewards on a product for which you received the rewards. For instance, if you received rewards for a Venus razor, you cannot use the rewards to purchase another Venus razor. They must be used on another item. 1000 points equals $1. Total points accumulated will appear at the bottom of each receipt.  You will need to ask the sales associate to use your points. Also, rewards, not points, count as coupons. You must have an equal or larger amount of items than coupons, so count accordingly, and use filler items if necessary. I usually grab the individual packs of Kleenex instead of the ever-present candy. Walgreen’s rewards are called Register Rewards or Balance Reward Points. You are limited to 2 transactions at a time.

Riteaid Up Rewards are automatically loaded to your card. However, you can go to their website and request that they be printed out instead, or ask the cashier to set it up for you.  Up Rewards cannot be redeemed until 6 am the day after being issued. So, you can do one transaction to get your rewards on one day, and spend them the next, or save them for next week.

CVS has Extra Bucks. There is no limit to how many you can use as long as they do not exceed your transaction total. They can be earned instantly, and also by joining the Exra Care Beauty Club at There are also quarterly rewards given. Some are awarded through email, and others through the coupon center. The coupon center is a red box located near the cash register. Scan your key card’s barcode, and receive coupons. Scan it again until the coupon center tells you to check again tomorrow. CVS coupons can be used in combination with manufacturer’s coupons.

Kroger loads points onto your card based on total dollar amount spent. These points can be redeemed for cheaper fuel prices at the fuel center. BP also has a points system, but I am not familiar with it.

Please comment with any questions.  Now, go out there and collect those rewards!