Ready Set, Go

You are ready! You have re-read my blog post, “Couponing Odds and Ends“. You are at the store, alone, or with another couponer. This is not the time to take the WH and WC with you, unless your WH is a couponer also. You have your coupon binder, your sales ad, your list or plan, and your purse arranged in the cart. You are actually going to coupon! You may be a little nervous, a little unsure, a little “Can I do this?”, and “Is it really legal?”.  This is the adrenaline rush that comes with couponing. Go with it! Use it! Couponing is fun!

Please realize, sometimes the store will be out of something on your list. Don’t get aggravated. Simply re-adjust your shop. Is it an item you really needed? Get a RC. Make sure sales amount, dates, and rewards are written on it.

If you recall, I pull my coupons as I take items off the shelf, and place them in my purple pencil pocket. I like saying that. Lol. Purple pencil pocket. Anyway, you have your items and your coupons. You are aware of how many register rewards that you will receive. If you are in a store that requires the same number or more items than coupons, you have counted both. You are ready to check out!

Checking out.

1. Be aware that almost every time you get to the register, someone with 1 or 2 items will walk up behind you. I let them go first. Less stress.

2. Are you doing one or two transactions? Are you rolling your rewards? Rolling means that any rewards that you receive on the first transaction will be used to help pay for the second transaction.

3. Have your key card ready.

4. If you are doing 2 transaction, divide your items accordingly.

5. After items are rang up, I hand over manufacturer’s coupons first. Second come store coupons, followed by any rewards that I may have. Then, I give myself a “Yay me!” inside my head , and grin broadly when I save over 70%, or just pay tax, or get rewards back.

6. Know that if your rewards are more than the remaining retail total without the tax, then you will lose part of them. Buy something else, or pay cash for the last few dollars.

7. Dance all the way to the car! Go home and show your WH how much that you saved.  Total retail minus sales minus coupons minus rewards that you got back equals total cost. I do not include taxes in my total. Final total retail divided by original total retail equals percentage spent. 100 minus percentage spent equals percentage saved! I know, it sounds complicated, but it is not. Let me show you.

Say you got 4 deodorants, regularly $4.50, on sale 2/$6.  with a B$10G$2 rewards back, and you have 4 $1/1 coupons. $4.50 times 4 equals $18. So $18-$6 saved from sale =$12-$4 coupons = $8-$2 rewards=$6. $6÷$18=.33. 100-33=67% savings! If you follow my Facebook page, Please Keep Your Money, this is how I break down my shops, and yes, I most definitely use a calculator.  Some stores actually break most of it down for you on their receipts.

8. Start looking for places in your home to put your couponing stockpile.