Does Couponing Ever End?

No, the answer is a large, resounding NO!  Soon, it will rub off on your friends, your family, and your acquaintances.  Tonight, my wonderful, awesome husband told me, as we were in line to be seated for dinner, that when he had taken his Mom shopping, and I quote, “The coffee was $8.99, but it was on sale for $5.99, and I used a $1 coupon, so it was $4.99,”  I love this man!  Yes, occasionally he fusses about coupons being everywhere when I first get my inserts, but with my system, I can usually have up to 60 inserts clipped and filed within an hour to an hour and a half.

Couponing is a lifestyle. It becomes a game to see how much you can save.  Please understand that any savings is a good savings, and realize that some of the couponing shows on tv are slightly unrealistic.  They make it seem like you should be able to walk into a store and save $500 without blinking.  This is so untrue.  They leave out the money spent on coupons, the time waiting to get those coupons, the time spent planning the shop, the stores allowing unlimited coupons so they can be featured on the show, timing the shop with the sales, the pre-ordering of products so that the store will have enough, etc., etc., etc.

If you start couponing with that understanding, you will do well. Don’t get me wrong. There are moments that you will almost trip over a fantastic deal that you didn’t know was going on. My goal is to save 70% each time I go couponing. I didn’t say each time I go shopping, Occasionally, there will be times that you need things that do not have coupons, but believe me, it is not for a lack of trying to find one! Always look online for store coupons and % off when clothes shopping. Sign up for store rewards cards. Sign up for text messages so coupons, sales, and deals are sent to your phone. Check Ibotta, Checkout51, and Shopmium for extra cash back on purchased items. At the very least, wait until the item goes on sale. There was a Sakroots bodycross purse that I wanted at Macy’s last month. It was $35.  I searched online for a better price to no avail.  I waited. When we went back, 3 weeks later, with a coupon, it was on sale. I got it for $23 and got Plentipoints.  Win!

With a little patience and perseverance, keeping your money will become a natural occurrence in your life. The rewards are well worth it.