Different Types of Couponers

In my mind, there are different types of couponers:

1. Those who save coupons in a drawer with good intentions. They never use  the coupons and feel slightly guilty when they throw them away.

2. Those who see a coupon for something they use and cut it out, take it to the store, and save $.50  to a $1 on their bill.

3. Those who have a coupon holder and use a few each week.

4. Those who have a system, save all of the coupons, but don’t really know what to do with them.

5. Those who are not brand conscious, who save all of their coupons and everyone elses, so that they can trade them or get things help their families and to donate to others and charities. They find the sales, know how and when to shop, stack coupons, and have stockpiles that were built pretty much for free. They are willing to help others learn and will trade product for your coupons if you will take them out of your drawer.

If you are #1, may I please have your coupons? We will both be happier.

If you are #’s 2 through 4, don’t panic. I was once like you. There is hope! I will help you.

If you are #5, Woohoo! Congratulations! See you at the store!