Couponing Odds and Ends

These are just a few things that don’t really belong anywhere, but need to be known.

1. Most coupon sites will let you print each coupon at least twice.

2. Kroger will accept manufacturers coupons and printed coupons. However, they will only accept 2 printed coupons per type of item.  For instance,  I had 3 printed coupons for Gillette body wash, $2/1. It was on sale for $3.50, making it $1.50 each. I took 3 to the checkout,  but the cashier explained that I could only use 2 of the printed coupons,  so I simply asked her to delete one from the sales ticket. Not a problem.

3. DO NOT PHOTOCOPY COUPONS. It is a crime punishable by law. How can they tell? Print out 2 of the same coupon, and compare the numbers. Normally, each time a coupon is printed, the numbers change.

4. ALWAYS carry a printed copy of the coupon policy for each store in which you will be shopping. Familiarize yourself with them.  You would be amazed at the number of associates that do not know their own policies. This can prevent many misunderstandings.

5. ALWAYS be polite. Rude, impatient, loud couponers give the rest of us a bad name. People are already annoyed because you might take 5 extra minutes out of their day to use coupons.  Smile!  Explain that they might want to get into another lane,  or offer them a coupon for something in their cart.

6. Remember, cashiers are people also. Work with them! They can your best friends,  or your worst enemies. They have probably been on their feet all day. A smile and a kind word can make a huge difference in attitudes.

7. Until you become comfortable with couponing, only plan one shop at a time.  If you get stressed, you will not consider couponing worth it. Once you have been couponing for awhile, you can increase the number of stores that you visit, with a normal stress level and attitude. A mocha frappe doesn’t hurt either.

8. When you begin couponing, do not shop on Saturdays. CVS, Riteaid, and Walgreen’s change their sales tags on Saturday, and it can be very confusing.

9. If your store is out of something, ask when their truck comes in, and/or get a raincheck.

9. Have fun! You will mess up a transaction, forget to use a coupon, let your rewards expire, and miss a sale. You are human. Let it go, and move on. Tomorrow is another shopping day