Buy 5 Save $5

In order to please keep your money, you should always try to match your coupons with sales and/or ECB,s. This sales period, Wednesday to next Tuesday, Kroger is running a Buy 5 Save $5 (B5S$5) sale. Your final count of these items must be in multiples of 5 to receive the discount, but items may be mixed and matched. Only some items are listed in their sales ad. However, they put out a small pamphlet at the entrance to the store listing all of the items included in the sale.  I have found that the best thing to do is get one of these pamphlets, and go home. When I get home, I get out my binder, match my coupons to the items, and fill in the blank squares next to those I have. My shop is then somewhat planned. What I actually buy will depend on what we need, what I will donate, availability of product, and the actual price of the items once I get to the store. Try to buy enough to last until the next sales cycle. Most items go on sale about every 6 weeks. Always check expiration dates, and rotate first in, first out to avoid spoilage.