A.C.D. Addicted to Coupons and Deals

You have been couponing for a little while now, but you still feel very new. You are questioning whether you are getting the best deals that you can. You are afraid that you might miss a coupon or a deal. Time to step back for a minute.  Breathe.

Yes, you will. You will miss an occasional deal. You will miss a coupon here and there. You will lose a coupon that is important. You will go to the store and forget to buy something on the last day of the sale. You will. Then, you will say “I forgive me.” It’s not the end of the world. If it was, no coupon in the world would help any of us. Those tickets are free for the asking. :)

Lately, you always seem to be looking for a coupon, getting a coupon, or actually couponing. You can’t wait to share your latest shop with your friends on Facebook.You are on your fourth coupon binder, each bigger than the last, because your collection is still growing. You can picture couponing scenarios and figure percentages in your head. You know exactly how many items are in your cart at all times.

Face it, there is a thrill when you save so much money. Couponing can be addictive. There is the adrenaline involved when hunting down a certain item, the thrill of the chase. There is the smile of recognition when you see other people with coupon binders. There is the anticipation of new coupons and deals every week, the next big conquest! You love those moments when you watch the cash register total get smaller and smaller. There is the need to share your latest shop with your friends. You post pictures of coupons that you need or want to trade. Your coupon binder travels with you at all times. You speak very quickly and become animated when telling others about couponing.

I have a confession to make.  Hi. My name is Paula, and I am addicted to couponing and saving money!